Ten reasons to celebrate International home birth day

965634_477567128997941_2040021924_o6.6 is international homebirth day. Want to know what that’s about? Here are 10 of many more good reasons to celebrate this day.

1. Even though the European Court of Human Rights and the WHO both said women should be allowed full access to support their choices, so that they can give birth where ever they want, in many countries laws and regulations make it difficult for women to choose home birth. This day is about access to choice.

2. Even though homebirthmidwives are highly skilled professionals who give women supportive, devotedcare and advocate for women’s rights, health and empowerment, in many placeshomebirth midwives are treated with disrespect by legislation, criminalization andattitude. This day is about thanking, and embracing homebirth midwives. Becauseempowering midwives means empowering women.

3. In Israel (as in many places) Homebirth in an issue of discrimination; not only do women who chose homebirth have to pay out of pocket where hospital birth is free, they don’t even get the money other women get from the state for having a baby. This day comes to say: home birth shouldn’t be only for rich people.

4. Because when it comes to women’s rights in childbirth, homebirth is the marker for freedom everywhere. Where ever a woman decides to have her baby she deserves to be treated with respect and to experience freedom of movement, empowerment, support, continuity of care, evidence based care, love, freedom from harm and unnecessary interventions,skin to skin contact and optimal bonding with her baby, kindness and more.

5. In our culture women, from a young age, are taught to be afraid of birth. Just like they are taught their body isn’t good enough. This day comes to remind us: Women know how to give birth. Women can give birth. Birth is a sacred, normal, physiological event.

6. The right to chose about birth is a women’s right issue, it’s about a women’s right to her body. It isalso a human rights issue.

7. Homebirth preserves essential knowledge about the physiology and diversity of human birth. This crucial knowledge is in danger of being extinct.

8. Even though homebirth is a legitimate,evidence based choice many homebirth mothers face stigma, judgment, pressure,and stares. This day is here to ask: families, care providers and communities- please support mothers, respect their choices, empower, trust, and believe in them.

9. Many women don’t even know they have options, when it comes to birth. They go to the hospital because that is the default place to go. This day is about raising awareness, raising a generation of informed, thinking, educated women, who act out of free will and awareness.Because if you don’t know your options you don’t have any.

10. Homebirth brings to life values that in this post modern, industrialized era, many find to be more sacred and important than ever, such as: tapping in to natural rhythms, family, humanness, direct contact with nature and life, listening to the female body and wisdom,compassion, autonomy, respect, nonviolence, faith, community. On this day families around the globe come together to affirm and strengthen these values and to pass them on to the nest generation.

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Thank you,

Marva Zohar,